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Dear Friends in Christ

The new Christian friend I wrote about earlier that was suffering the persecution is now a free man. He has signed out from his position and is now classified as retired. He will still get his pension from the government so that is a good thing. He found some money from friends and we sent him everything we had at the time, it was enough to pay off the government loan to keep him out of jail. He had actually tried to quit his job a year or more ago but they would not let him retire because he was too valuable. Then after accepting Christ and witnessing about it they told him he must go. Before they let him go they had to be sure he was not brainwashed by Phimpha into Christianity. They sent 5 investigators to him one at a time and then 2 psychiatrists. They concluded he is in his right mind, he has not been brainwashed but he is totally convinced about his life in Christ, so they said he is free to go. A lot of persecution for a new believer but he stood strong and now he has more time to witness for Christ.

The Land. Because we used what we had for our friend to stand by him we did not make the payment this week as we were supposed to. Phimpha went out to meet them late last night and gave them the few thousands of baht that she had. They said per the agreement we have until the 25th of December to pay off the balance of what we owe. They also said if we fail to pay it off on the 25th they will resell the land and not give us anything back from the monies we have paid to them because there is nothing in the agreement that says they must reimburse us. We would lose everything. They said they believe the Christians will come together and help us to honor our agreement with them. As of today we owe them a little over $28,000.00 USD. That is 935,000 baht. We have only my truck that is free and clear to be able to use as collateral. We tried to loan against it yesterday but the loan company would not accept the two cosigners we brought to them so they would not do the deal. The loan company is willing to give us 150,000 baht for it. Not near enough but it will help, so we will continue to look for someone else to cosign.

satan has been working overtime trying to stop this restoration project. We are standing by God’s word and moving forward in any way possible. We have faith that it will all workout in the end and we ask you to continue to pray with us. Having faith that the funds will come in some way or somehow, when the land is paid off and in our name we will take the title to the bank and secure a loan to pay off the many different private loans we currently have. Then we will wait and pray to see what God wants us to do next. We hope to begin to build on the property but that is up to God so we will wait and pray at that point. As I wrote before and will ask now again, is anyone willing to give us a temporary loan so we can pay off the owner, receive the title, then secure a loan with the land as collateral? Once we have that we would be able to return the temporary loan to you and whatever fees or interest would be associated with that. The timeframe on the temporary loan would be less than 3 months. I don’t foresee any problems at this point that it would take longer to return the funds to you. Now is the Christmas season back home in America. Everyone is out buying gifts for Christmas and traveling for the holidays. The giving is usually down this time of year and it seems rather strange that Christmas day is the time for the final payment for us. We have never been able to raise $28,000.00 USD in such a short time in my 12 years here as a missionary. So this is a huge stretch of our faith. We have no choice but to step forward not knowing if there is a secure footing there or not. Please search your hearts and help us with whatever you can send. This is not for material things of the world, this is for God’s kingdom and the whole purpose of our lives and why we are doing this is to bring others to Christ. If I may be so bold as to suggest maybe a little less for gifts this season and a little more for God’s kingdom.

I am from Minnesota. A place where the summers are very short and the winters very long and cold. Except for 5 years of service in the Air Force I lived there, raised my family there and then I told God a simple statement. My wife had left me and I let God know that I was available for whatever He wanted me to do. To make a long story short He took my promise and by a couple of miracles He intervened in my life and now I live in a foreign country where the weather is hot, very very hot. He sent a beautiful Christian woman to me one early morning 12 years ago and a short time later had us marry. I knew that when I said: “I do.” My life would never be the same again and it sure has not been. Now together we live every day for Christ. We awake in the morning till late at night we do our best to follow His will. I have learned to let go of the world. So much so, that it becomes harder and harder to relate to those that are so wrapped up in the world. We have been blessed to be able to do the work of God and work to save the lost. In my opinion, nothing in this world is more important than saving souls. Our salvation is secure in Christ. Because it is and we follow what Jesus said, we need to help all others to receive what we have. Eternity must be a long time and we need to do all we can. We must be willing to sacrifice till it hurts us, to help others. Our lives are not our own, if we believe they are then we are not following the teachings of the word of God. Phimpha and I are blessed to be able to live everyday for Christ. For me it is satisfying but certainly not easy. I have had to give up everything to live this life here for a people that are not my people yet we are all children of God. I miss my family in Minnesota my grandchildren that are growing up so fast without me. I live with the pain of not being close enough to be able to help out my own children. To support them the way a Daddy and Grandfather should. But I offered my life to Him and answered the call and will stay here till God tells me otherwise.

I am ashamed to ask more of you. I have taken out a personal loan and have promised that I would use my only income to pay it back. I owe over $13,000.00 and it will take me many months to pay it back with my social security which is $1270.00 a month. I have promised that I would use my check for that and I must honor my word. I am hoping to return to Minnesota In January to visit my ageing parents. If anyone would like to help me with a ticket back to MN I would appreciate it greatly. It comes at a hard time with all else that is going on here but time is short and I am trying hard to go before it is too late. Everything we get has been going out for the land and the other poor we support. If I cannot go so be it, I leave it in God’s hands.
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha
Timothy House, Thailand

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