Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
As you all know we are moving forward to prepare for the great harvest that is coming in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. We hold on to the promise of God. He said: “He is with me.” I really believe almost every missionary has heard the same. The work we do around here is not a hostage for money. It is the Kingdom of God’s business. And we serve in His Kingdom not to gain more favor but because of the love that we have in Him for Him, as everyone using the gift from the Holy Spirit of the Lord. I hope you are all still standing with me in pray and love. Christmas at the children’s home up north and other areas is coming next week for three places that we help to support. I need food and gifts for 110 kids. We also need gifts for the abandoned disabled along the border. (Disabled from mines) Please keep me in pray. We are asking the Father to provide for His children on time. Thank you for your joining in the battle. Please keep me in your love.
Your sister in Christ.
This Wednesday we must pay for the land too. We are already so late. Please keep praying for me.

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