Last week Phimpha was praying and God told her He would send enough for the land payment for the week and enough for a ticket for me to visit Mn. I need to visit my parents among other things I must do. I told her that would be impossible with what has been coming in. But true to His word it did come to us from a friend. I was shocked! It was enough to cover us for the week and enough extra for my ticket. So I will be home to MN before too long. I feel guilty going now because we have so much need, but Phimpha told me that God said it is for me and I need to go. I try hard to stay on His good side,hers too.

     One of Phimpha’s projects is trying to help the poor along the border area where she works. She is buying goats and gives them to certain families to help them try to become self sufficient. She is giving 5 goats at a time to each family in the hopes that they breed and multiply. She has bought 60 goats to date. At about $90.00 per goat it is costly so she is working nights to help with the funding for the outreach ministry projects she has.

     She also has a flower project. She hired a lady to teach the women in the outlying villages how to make artificial flowers. They are very time consuming to produce. She is looking for outlets for the finished products.They make some beautiful flowers. It amazes me how real they look.

     Then she is also working at night till early morning to bring in extra income to help churches in Cambodia. That is why she has been a little stretched and tired. She sends a lot of funds over to help the poorer churches  that work with many children. Because of her reputation to help anyone any where she gets many calls from all around the area and the country, looking for help.It grieves her to get calls and have nothing to send. That is the hardest for us in this ministry. We always pray for them but the word tells us to act as well. The calls are not always from Christians so we cannot just tell them we will pray and hang up, or turn and walk away. We give all we have. The calls come every day and never stop.

     Well December 25th is coming up quick. That is the deadline for our land to be paid in full, except we don’t have a way to pay for it without your help. The owner said he will take it back and leave us with nothing if we cannot make the contract. Phimpha is very tired of the struggle to make the payments. She is at the end and has not spoken real positive about God at times but is still trusting and having faith that some way it will be paid for. It is purely on Faith. We do not have any promises and all our resources are exhausted. We don’t believe that God would allow us to lose the deal now because this was His idea not ours. So we wait, praying hard that $26,000.00 USD will somehow get to us before the 25th. With the holidays on us that is a huge stretch. But God is the master of the impossible. We have gone as far as we can go, it is up to Him.

     With the holidays upon us not many will take the time to read this anyway so I will keep it short. God Bless you all! Enjoy your families and worship the reason for the season.

In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha

Love and Care Project, Thailand

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