Long Overdue Update

Brothers and sister in Christ

     Yes it has been a while sense I have written. I was on an extended stay in the states. A lot longer than I had planed. I spent a lot of time with family and it was a good visit. I have been back in Thailand less than two weeks now. I am grateful for the heat. I was cold a lot of the time in America.  This morning here in Thailand it was 75 degrees so I put on a log sleeve shirt over my T shirt when I went to the kitchen for coffee.  God knew what He was doing when He called me here.

     I thought things would stay the same here at Timothy House without me but that was not the case. Many of the people that were here have left for one reason or another. Some may come back and some not. I am leaving that up to God at this time. So right now we are quite empty. One high school boy will be back soon when school starts and Mo is still here with me. Also one disabled lady is still here.

     I am not exactly sure what God has in store for us next. I am working on fixing up the place now that it is almost empty. I will start with the kitchen wall the elephant tore down. I am still trying to come up with a good elephant-proof wall that doesn’t cost a fortune and looks good. Anyone willing to come help? Let me say you are more than welcome.

     We don’t have many kids here but we are supporting a lot on the outside. Phimpha has expanded the ministry in her area with different projects and families.  She is working a salary job to try to get more funds for the children we support.

     Currently we are supporting or helping to support 110 children in 4 different children homes and some individuals in poor families.  Three of the children homes are in Thailand and one is in Cambodia. She also gets calls every day for help from the poor. We do what we can, which really means giving all and going into debt ourselves to help. She has already taken an advance on all her salary for this month and still the calls keep coming.  We also give to 4 pastors to help them get by every month. Pastors here get a very small salary if any. Many of them work a full time job to make ends meet. One of the small churches we have worked closely with has been informed they must vacate the building they have rented for many years. They have found property and are building a temporary structure to live in and hold church in. I will post pictures.

     Phimpha has been working to come up with ways to help the poorer families make it on their own. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Many have little or no education. She has what she calls the Goat Project. She buys goats. She always tries to get the pregnant ones. Then she gives them to the poor families. They give birth and breed and multiply. She said two poor widows that live together started with 4 pregnant goats.  Now 1 ½ years later they have 30 goats and are making a much better living as they can sell the milk or the meat. Because goats eat a wide range of foods they are a good choice for poor families with little land. Phimpha buys them at $100 dollars each which is a bargain. Because she is giving them away they give her a price break. She has bought 60 so far. Last week a poor church in another area heard of the project and came out to look.  She will work with them to help them get going. Many farm labors get about 15 dollars a day so to sell one goat gives them 10 or more days in wages. And they don’t have a chance to work every day. Only when they are needed.

     She also still has the flower project going where she had someone teach the women how to make artificial flowers. She sells them to the people she meets and also is setting up a wedding shop where people can come and rent accessories for weddings and buy the handmade flowers.

     I thank God for the many people who give to God’s children and brothers and sisters in Christ, through His ministry here. I don’t know who gives what. God knows and that is where it matters. Nothing I can say would be enough to thank you. Please continue to keep us in prayer for strength and safety and wisdom and more love for others.

     The Restoration Center? We took personal loans out from friends to finalize the purchase. We are working to pay that back and until we do we will not move forward. God needs to do something if He wants us to start to build. So for right now we pray and wait on Him.

Rodney and Phimpha

Missionaries Thailand

Phimpha and her friend.
The Goat Project
The Flower Project
Church and Pastor living quarters.
Old Church new location.
A few children at one of the homes we work with.