Sorry God

Some days I let it get to me. I need to praise God in all times. He is good to me and has more love for me than I can possibly imagine. He sent His Son to take the pain and beatings for my shortcomings in life. My open sin my hidden sins. He knows and see’s all and no matter what. God alone is always worthy of praise. He sees the suffering children and wonders why we do not help. He has given us the earth. It is ours to share. It is not His fault the children suffer, it is mine. I need to do more to love more to walk more like Jesus in His power and bring in the lost. It is why we are on the earth.

     God has given us all power. He is in us and He has full power and is willing to work through us. All we need to do is to humble ourselves and allow Him to use us. He will do the work if we can just let go of ourselves and live for Him alone. I thought I was living for Him but the more He shows me the more I see how far I have yet to go. But I will go and I will be there and I will allow Him to use me. This life is so short and not ours and no matter what happens to us on this earth it is meaningless if we do not allow Him to use us.

To God Be the Glory!


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