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Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Phimpha here.  I have been busy but quiet. In the quiet time I have been praying and waiting for God to move on the Restoration Center. We now are using the funds we have to pay for the personal loan that was graciously given to us by friends in order for us to complete the land purchase. The salary from my work all goes to the needy and poor in the Love and Care Project ministry. But the restoration Center needs to move forward also. As I was lying on my bed praying with tears asking God what to do He told me to just step out in faith. He said: “Go out onto the land and do something so I can see you there. So I took with me 3 widowed ladies that will live with us there and we went out to dig holes to put up a fence across the front of the property. I had a small backhoe come and dig holes so we could plant some trees on the bare land. We planted some coconut trees to start with. I called the electric company and asked them to come out to see where to run power into the land. I also talked with a draftsman about the plans God had showed me for a small house. I currently have no place in that area to call home. I live from place to place and out of my truck a lot. The widows and I are waiting for a place to live. Please pray with us as you have been blessed by God already.

Please pray and support the kingdom of our Father

From Phimpha’s heart.

     Rodney here. Phimpha just told me about this the other day, even though she had been out working on the land as she could 3 weeks before. She did not tell me what God had said because honestly, she was afraid I would discourage her. Well unbeknown to her at about the same time God had convicted me that I needed to get out on the land and do what I could. Just start digging a footing and fill it with cement. Just do something as I could. I was thinking to cut some trees for poles and put up a roof to live under while we build. No power, no running water just do something. But I didn’t tell her and didn’t go out. I need to learn better. So God kept convicting her she needed to speak to me about what she was doing and just 2 days ago she told me. I was glad to hear we had the same thing at the same time. Not glad that I didn’t go out.

If you have the burden pleases help.


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