Dear brother and sister in Christ.    

 Phimpha again. I have been working along the Thai -Cambodia border  with many projects going on. But now my only truck is in the Toyota service for many days the bill is high 34355.00 ($1,200.00)and I never have that kind of money in my pocket. I had been putting off the maintenance for months but it was starting to make too much noise so finally I was forced to bring it in. I have many projects and work so it gets too much use.      

 The man I wrote to you about earlier is still in the hospital. I had him transferred to a private hospital three hours away from where he was. If he would have stayed where he was I believe he would be dead by now. He is getting better fast but the bill is high too. His bill is 9968.00 ($350.00)today, I don’t know about tomorrow. I need prayer and support from my family, all of you are my family.

Please don’t think that I am using the ministry of God as a hostage. I am following my calling. I am praying to pass the day today.
Your sister in Christ


     Rodney here. I know we sound like a broken record to many of you. I hate this part of the ministry. Asking for help. We have no one else to turn to but our family in Christ. Phimpha writes up some of the updates and asks me to correct them. Today at the end of the message she sent me this.    

 ” Please correction it and send out for me. My heart full of tear I can’t write more.”  

  The weight on a soft heart that gets so many asking for help is very stressful. If you could see what she sees and hear what she hears your heart would be in tears too.         

 I thank God for those that continue to support us with prayer and donations!

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