What Price a Life?

 Brothers and Sisters in Christ

     I want to try to explain a little of what it is like to be on the receiving end of someone looking for help. Phimpha has been doing this work for over 20 years. Working with the poor. She doesn’t like to speak about it much. She has help thousands of people over the years. She doesn’t even tell me about all she helps. If she did we would not have much time to talk about anything else. A young man who used to live with us contacted me out of the blue the other day. I had not heard from him in many months. He was asking for some financial help. He wanted more than the $3.00 I had in my pocket. I messaged Phimpha and asked if we could help him. She said I send to him every month and twice so far this month. I said sorry I didn’t know. Some people she helps off and on, some for years and many are emergency cases. Like the man a couple weeks or more ago. He contacted the flesh eating disease. (Necrotizing fasciitis) It is bad this year and they are mentioning it in the news and warning people to watch out for small wounds that become infected. It spreads quickly. It’s a terrible disease. I Googled it for images and was amazed at how horrible of a disease it is. It is the same one the little girl had that I posted about for prayers a couple of weeks ago. By the way she  is getting better. Most with the severity she had do not survive. The man who is a member of one of the churches she works with contacted the disease and was going downhill fast. She talked to a doctor in a private hospital and decided to have the man transferred there. The doctor said his best and maybe only chance of survival was some medicine from Germany but it was expensive. She of course said give it to him. After just a couple of treatments he turned for the better and survived. Today he had to go back to the hospital for his last treatment to ensure it did not come back. He needed to pay for that treatment and the previous one. The responsibility fell to us. The bank accounts were empty so she took money from a friend where she works and used it to pay for the hospital. Now she needs that money back in a few hours to pay salary. This is the way it has been going with us for a long time. Many years in fact. God tells us to help the poor. They have nowhere else to turn to. If we don’t help then who will. Usually it is not emergencies of life or death. Thank God. Maybe it’s just an electric bill way past due. Or the children need to go to school and the caregiver cannot afford it, so the child stays home and works or we help the family ever month so the child can get an education. That scenario has been ongoing year after year with countless students every month. I don’t even know about all the families she helps. She doesn’t have time to tell me about the many phone calls every day asking for help. She tells them we have nothing but they keep calling, begging. Her name and phone number has circulated around Thailand for many years. Her reputation has preceded her. They say if you really need help, call this lady she will help you. We don’t just give out money. She checks things out and tries to get them help other ways but by the time they call to her they have usually run out of other options. How far do we go? How much is a life worth? Here in Thailand if you don’t have the money you don’t get the treatment and you die. Many countries are like that. I know we have saved many lives over the years just with good treatment and prayers. You want people to listen about Christ then help them and they will listen. Our ministry is to save souls. Whatever the cost. Money in hell is pretty worthless.

     So right now we need $800.00  in a few hours so they don’t throw her in jail. I told her I would visit her if they do. If you are willing to help you can use PayPal or Western Union. It’s the only way to get it here instantly. Or just jump on a plane and fly over. It would be good to see you here in Thailand.  

Servants of Christ

Rodney and Phimpha

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