Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Please keep me in pray and please keep supporting the Kingdom of our Father. I can’t do anything without you all backing me up. I can’t stand alone along the border and see the kids and the homeless with no help. Many times I prefer to die because I don’t want to see and to hear the needy asking for help. I have been deeply in debt for the hungry.

   At the Restoration  Christians Center we are starting to build the first house. We will need the first payment today. We should have some money for them but still nothing. When this house is done the girls from the broken families will move in with us. They keep asking when it’s going to be done. I am many times asking the Lord why some people have a very big house for animals but many man being still have nowhere to go. Only God knows the best answer. I need prayer and back up.

Love in Christ from your sister


From Phimpha – Restoration Center

I Rodney, normally rework what Phimpha sends to me before I send it out. But this one I will leave in its entirety. Her writing is from the heart and very hard for me to correct and still keep the same heartfelt meaning.  Though it is not proper English neither is mine.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

     Now we are going forward as the Father leads. I have more motivation to move forward. I really know His touching and saying to me to start building the first house. I have been praying for a month after I received His instruction.We started to apply for electric on the first week of this month and so we have now started to build the first house! All of these actions I am doing are done trusting that God will continue to provide, as l have nothing to work with, but we follow anyway. Today the electric company called me for the fee for the electric, and last week the construction service department of Aranyaprathet district  asked me to pay for the house building plans. I just found out they didn’t allow to build with out permission! But by God we made it! Right now we starting to build the first house just following what I received from the Lord Jesus Christ. I need prayer, back up and support for the building process. This is a great project for you to support, I would ask you to be a part of what we are doing here, and again please don’t feel a pressure, but ask God what He would like you to do. We are working  hard to do all that we can do to support all that God has put in our hands to do, but the needs are overwhelming without more help. Thank you for all support from your heart and prayers that you have for us.

So please keep me and the  project in your prayers.

It is a joyous call we are partners in. Remembering His love, grace and mercy encourages us all as we build the Kingdom of His love around us wherever we serve keeps us in joy!

Love you all my brothers and sisters.

Phimpha Wojciechowski